Scarlette the Red Fox

Seeing the New Red Fox at Wolf Park

After our time with the wolves was done last Saturday we went into the fox enclosure to see Scarlette the new red fox. Scarlett was bought to be a pet, but the owner may have not known the full extent of what having a fox would mean. I think the skunk smell alone would make you rethink having a fox in your house. Whatever the final reason was, Scarlette now has a home at Wolf Park. Scarlett is a beautiful animal. At first she just wanted to run around and greet us. After that with the help of some treats she moved around the enclosure a bit allowing us to get some photos of her. Most of the time the background was horrible. Unless she was doing something really cool I did not press my shutter button. Of course when the background looked good I fired away when she looked at me. I have always wanted better photos of the foxes. Their enclosure is very hard to shoot through. They are usually too close to lose the fence. Saturday I got my wish, and it was wonderful. If you do make it out to Wolf Park take some time to go and visit Scarlette. She and her fox friends are very nice to see. It was a great way to cap a great day.

More Photos of Scarlette

Below I have placed a couple of other photos of Scarlette. She was fun to shoot in the short time that we were in with her. The bottom photo has a little fence in it, but I liked Scarlette’s gesture so I included it. You may be tired of photos from Wolf Park by now so maybe I will pull back for a few days. I thought that it would be a pleasant break from the many sports posts that I have been putting up lately.


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