West Lafayette Wins Big on Senior Night

West Lafayette Honors Five Outstanding Senior Players

Last night I made my final trip to the West Lafayette Gym for the season. I have covered many games there this year, and as much as I want spring to come I wouldn’t mind a few more basketball games here. Over the last few years I have been to many senior nights in many different sports. I cover them in a kind of cold way, because you can’t get caught up in the emotion of the night. You have to make your photos. Last night was probably the hardest senior night that I have covered. West Side had five players honored for their contributions. One of them was my nephew, but they are all good young men. It will be hard to watch a West Side game and not see them on the court. That is really all that I know there. I have seen them play since they played JV together. The season is not over, but no matter how things shake out in the tournament you know that the end is near. I hope that I can photograph these men for a few extra games this season. Their games will probably be the last basketball that I photograph until next season.

Bonus Photos

I have included a few photos from the night below. The night was less about capturing the action shots, and more about capturing the emotion of the night. It was a bittersweet night, but it made for some beautiful photos. My gallery on my website is over 250 images. Many of those were of the ceremonies before and after the game. I usually have the galleries locked, but you can right click on the photos to save them if you wish. You can view the gallery here.


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