Shooting Purdue Hockey Portraits

Shooting Portraits of the Purdue Hockey Team at Second Level Studios

After the first session of the Joel Grimes lecture Monday I started sending out messages to see if I could get anyone in the studio for some portraits. The past couple of years I have really focused my efforts on learning the ins and outs of shooting the action portion of sports. This year I want to spend more time in the studio learning to craft the light a little. The Joel Grimes lecture was the kick that I needed to get out and shoot some. If you sit through a Joel Grimes lecture without getting inspired you are not cut out for photography. I came into the studio with the intent of copying Joel’s three light approach. I had every intention on doing that until it came time to set up the lights. Right away I made an adjustment that I liked a little better. It may not have been better, but since it was to my taste I was the one making the decisions. I think that coming into a shoot with the mindset that you can do whatever you want is kind of freeing. I think that wanting the freedom is the first step you need to take with lighting. I look forward to seeing what the next year holds for my portrait work.

Taking a Chance

I made some shots that I liked, and then the front light did not fire for a photo. I liked the look, but something was not right. I turned off the light, and adjusted my lights a little to compensate. For the shot above I rotated the lights a bit to make up for the stick and gloves being so high. The end result you see above. It may just be the lack of sleep on my part, but I think that the light thrown on the wall looked a bit like a goalie mask. The photo above of goalie Sam Martinez might have been my favorite of the portraits that I made last night. I still have not gone through them all, but when I do I may make another post showing some of the shots from the night.

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