Sunrise at the Barn

Letting Go of Part of the Photo

The photo above is a good example of one where I can and have used HDR to show every piece of the photo. Sometimes that can be useful, but here I don’t know that showing the information of the barn helps the photo at all. I think that through the silhouette you see that it is a barn, and that is all that you need. It is not the star of the photo so it doesn’t have to be front and center. When you use HDR you also lose that little glint of the sun off the side of the barn which I like.

Going Through the Old Pictures

This is another time when I decided to go back through the archives to see if I have missed anything. When I had my photo 365 project I made a lot of photos, but only posted one a day. Even then I would HDR the heck out of the photo making it ugly to my eyes now. I was learning, and figuring out what I liked at the time. Looking back now I cringe. I like going back to see what I was looking at three or so years ago. Here I stumbled upon the right place at the right time. I used to use this barn all of the time. The way that things have changed in the last three years I wonder if it is still there.


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