My Backyard Birds: The House Finch

The House Finch Visits My Backyard

What a turnaround this week has been on the blog. After a couple of days of hard hitting hockey action we return to the birds of the backyard. I really think that shooting these little birds in my backyard has helped me shooting the large athletes. I made this photo a couple of weeks ago when the weather was not so good. The birds came to me so I had something to photograph when I normally would not have. I saw a couple of house finch’s early in the winter, but it was a while before they came back. I tried a couple of bad angles out of my back window to capture them, but the optics just don’t work very well at an extreme angle. Luckily with a little patience the birds flew to an area where I could photograph them. With wildlife photography patience is the key. I have learned to wait until the shot presents itself instead of forcing the action.

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