Purdue and Northwestern Battle Into Overtime

Whitney Bays

The Boilers and Wildcats Need Extra Time

Last night I was back in Mackey Arena to photograph the Purdue women’s team against Northwestern. Purdue had a big lead early, but without April Wilson in the second half they could not hold onto it. Both teams had a chance to win the game in regulation, but the shots would not fall. In the overtime period Northwestern pulled away to win 73-65. This was the fifth overtime this season for the Boilers who already have a short bench. The extra time cannot help this fatigued team.

Whitney Bays

Trying A New Remote Camera

From my first game on the floor in Mackey I was using a remote camera. I used a floor remote during my first few games because I did not know how many games I had to photograph the team. As this season winds down I am having some similar thoughts. I need to try some things while I still can. I have always thought that a post cam would be perfect for women’s basketball. They look up at the basket as they shoot it from underneath. When you are shooting from the floor you cannot see their faces. The photo at the top of this page is from my floor camera, but it is similar to the view that I have. I used my magic arm to mount a camera on the post last night to see what it would look like. Earlier in the week I saw a Facebook post by Andrew Hancock about using remotes. I never worked with Andrew as our time did not overlap, but he is a photographer that I look up to. The video really made me want to go through with some of the ideas that I have had this season. You can view the video and see some of the photos here. For my first post remote it seemed to work just fine. I have a couple of ideas in mind when I try this again.

Ashley Morrissette makes a basket against Northwestern. Purdue lost to the Wildcasts in overtime
Ashley Morrissette makes a basket against Northwestern. Purdue lost to the Wildcasts in overtime
Ashley Morrissette makes a basket against Northwestern. Purdue lost to the Wildcasts in overtime

Three Views of the Same Play

Part of the fun of having three cameras firing at once is seeing how different the three cameras see a play. I did not have my Pocket Wizard corded to my camera so there is a slight lag from when I press my shutter until the other cameras fire. I still liked how this set of images came out. As the game was winding down, and the score was tied I had a vision of capturing the game winner in this fashion. That was not meant to be though. The top picture was made with my 17-35mm lens on my Canon 5D Mark III set on the floor. I used a Joby GorillaPod to stabilize it. The middle image was made with my handheld camera that I used for everything but the overtime period. I had my 70-200mm lens mounted on my Canon 7D Mark II. I would not normally use this combo under the basket, but the wide angles from the other two cameras gave me the confidence to go for the super tight shots. The post camera is a familiar combination. I put my 10-20mm lens on my Canon 60D on the Magic Arm. I used Pocket Wizards Plus III’s to fire the cameras.

Post #1,500

It is hard to believe, but since I started this little blog in 2011 I have now made 1,500 posts. It is hard to believe that I can keep coming up with titles and things to say, but somehow I do. I started this blog to show a different side of my photography other than my sports work. As I have gotten more serious about sports photography though it has started to look like a sports blog again. Over the next couple of days there will be more sports photos as basketball season winds down. I hope to have a couple of surprises mixed in though.

Bonus Photos

Below are a few bonus photos from the game last night. I have a full gallery on my website here. It was a long game coupled with three remotes so I have a few extra photos in the gallery. As I place more and more remotes I am sure that I will share less of the results. I had enough fun last night though that led me to post extra photos. The first two photos of Liza Clemons were made at the same time during the first half. I had my post camera on the other end of the court so I was firing it with an extra Pocket Wizard that was just set up for that remote. The third photo down of Whitney Bays was made with that setup. As the season draws to a close it was nice to see some fresh looks from my photos tonight. The final photo below was made with my Canon 24mm f/2.8 lens that I was trying out. I only had a couple of trips down the court to use it, but I thought that it focused fairly quickly. I will have more on that lens in the future.

Liza Clemons
Liza Clemons
Whitney Bays
Liza Clemons


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