Shooting Purdue Wrestling

Getting In Tight During the Purdue Wrestling Matches

Yesterday I went to the Purdue match against Illinois wanting to get in close to the action. I had two cameras thinking that I would use my Canon 7D Mark II with my 300mm lens to get in tight on the wrestlers. I had my Canon 5D Mark II with my 70-200mm lens on it to get the bulk of the action. I loaned my 5D to the Exponent photographer when her camera locked up so for most of the day I just had to get in tight. I loved the challenge, and I think that I made some interesting photos. One thing that I did though was to shoot very heavy. I don’t know a sport that I shoot heavier other than swimming. I can go an entire basketball game on one 16GB card. I shot a few cards today. Some of it was lack of knowledge of the sport. I really don’t know much about it so it was hard to anticipate the action for me. That may change a little in the next few weeks as I had enough fun that I will try and attend a couple more matches.

The photo was made late in the day when Braden Atwood was yelling encouragement to Gelen Robinson who was making his second appearance for Purdue Wrestling. The Purdue Football player won in his first start Friday, but did not yesterday. The photo was one that I liked because it showed the toughness of these players. It is amazing how much effort they put into each match. For the most part it looks like max effort being put out when they are locked up. I want to go back again to try and capture more of that effort.

Bonus Photos

Below I have posted a few extra photos from the day. I have a gallery up on my website here of about 70 photos.

Danny Sabatello


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