West Lafayette Wins At Frankfort in Overtime Thriller

West Lafayette Pulls Off the Improbable Comeback

Last night there was a point in the fourth quarter of the West Lafayette game at Frankfort that even this optimist started thinking that the game was over. Down eight very late it seemed as if everything was lost. It would have been a tough loss to take as West Side had led for most of the game. Some pressure on the ball combined with some missed foul shots led to a great comeback. I don’t think that I can stress just how great this comeback was. West Side was down six with just under a minute to go. The Nycz brothers then stepped in to take control. Tyler Nycz hit a three, and then his brother intercepted a pass that led to points. Trev Parker shown above had a great game. He scored the game tying bucket on yet another nice drive to force overtime. He fouled out in the overtime with 25 points on the night. Nai Carlisle then put the team on his back to lead them to victory. This was a total team effort though. It was a great win in a great venue. I definitely picked the right game to go to.

A general view of Case Arena

Shooting at Historic Case Arena

When I was planning my night I had a couple of options. As soon as I saw a photo of Case Arena I only had one option. I wanted to photograph this game very badly. The stadium was really something special for a high school arena. I thought it looked familiar, and then I saw where it had been used in the movie Blue Chips. It was here where Nick Nolte gave up his morals in order for the Western University Dolphins to have a good season. This is a very unique arena that I was happy to visit. The light was better than I thought everywhere on the court but the first ten feet in on each end. If you look at the photo above you can see that the bank of lights does not extend to the end of the court. Of course in high school ball most of the action occurs around the hoop, but you can’t win every battle. I tried to make the best of what I had. The backgrounds were cool enough to make it worthwhile.

Bonus Photos

As per usual I will include a couple of photos from the game that I liked, but you can view the complete gallery here.

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