Purdue Basketball Hammers Indiana

Two Straight Top 25 Wins For the Boilers

Last night I went to Mackey to see the Boilers take on Indiana. Going into the game I thought that it was a toss up, and I never expected what I saw. The Boilers led the entire game with everyone seeming to chip in. When the starting point guard gets into foul trouble the backup and his backup step up. A.J. Hammond had a monster game for the Boilers as well. I have said it many times tonight, but this was a fun game to photograph. I had a lot of photos that I liked from the game, but this shot of Rapheal Davis celebrating with the Paint Crew might be my favorite of the night. This program is trending in the right direction for sure. The future looks bright, and I hope last night was a window into the atmosphere that Mackey will have the rest of the season.


Mackey Was Rocking!

That was the loudest that I have heard Mackey Arena in a long time. It makes shooting a game that much more fun when the stadium is packed and crazy. Walking into the stadium I felt the buzz so it was no surprise how awesome it was once I got inside. After two straight big wins at home I hope that the crowds keep coming out. I took advantage of the good crowd to get some shots at the beginning of the game. You love a full stadium in your photos. I found a few vantage points that showcase just how great of a stadium Mackey Arena is.

Bonus Photos

Here are a few bonus photos from the game. More photos can be found on my website here.

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