My Backyard Birds: The Cardinal (Part 1)

Some Color During the Winter

This whole bird adventure started one day with a scene much like the one above. A bright red cardinal set up against the blue sky. It was a little color on a bleak winter day. That inspired me to learn more about the birds so that I could photograph them more. In the winter I have a lot of photography gear that is used for field sports that gets very little use. Making the photos of birds gives me a chance to use my long lenses, and also to make some photographs.

Setting Up The Backyard Studio

As this project gains a little steam I am coming up with ways to make my photos a little better. I think that the above photo works because the background is clean for the most part. The tree that draws the birds into the yard initially is also a busy tree that does not work well as a background. I have tried to set things up so that I have a good shot of the birds as they wait for a turn on the feeders. Other than putting a background up behind the tree I have to use my placement with the birds to get the look that I want. Here I was very lucky, and I hope to help that luck as time goes on.

Bonus Photos

Here are a couple of other cardinal photos that I like from my first few days shooting.

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