A Bald Eagle Fishing

A Bald Eagle Gets a Late Afternoon Snack

Yesterday after running an errand I stopped by the Wabash River to see if the eagles were back. My go to location is frozen over so I had to try a second location. Right when I pulled up I saw an eagle fly into a tree across the river. I couldn’t believe my luck. Last year I was shutout. It felt nice to see one right away. The eagle dove right in front of me to grab a fish out of the water. I had just pulled up to the location so I switched to aperture priority in case the eagle dove. I didn’t want to be figuring out my settings when he dove. The ISO was set at 1000 which was really not needed. That meant that the picture fell apart a bit when I cropped in post. This was still great luck, and hopefully the first of many eagles that I see this year.

The Gear That I Took To Make the Shot

I would love to have a 600mm or an 800mm lens to shoot the eagles with. I have a 300mm though so I have to make do with what I have. I put the 1.4x converter on the 300mm, and mounted that on the Canon 7D Mark II. With the 1.6x crop factor in mind that should give me about a 672mm reach. I had the 2x converter in the car with me, but of course that was not mounted when I pulled up. I think that when the conditions are right this will be a good kit to make some eagle photos. Today I was not as prepared as I should have been when I pulled up to the waters edge. Of course after getting shut out last season I did not expect to see any eagles. Now that they are here I will be prepared for sure when I get to the water.


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