West Lafayette 67 – Attica 49

West Side Wins Their Second Home Game in a Row

Last night I was back at West Lafayette High School to see the Red Devils play. At one point early on West Side was down around nine, but used a little pressure to take the lead by the half. From there the route was on, and the JV squad was able to enter the game. Shooting for the second night in a row I tried to vary my position a little. I have the entire baseline to myself which is nice, but that can lead to picking one spot and staying there. Last night I tried to put a little bit of the gym in the background of my shots. These shots are meant to chronicle the short time that these kids are in high school so why not put something in them to bring back memories of the gym?

My Final Basketball Game of the Year

With West Side taking a break this was probably my last basketball game to cover of the year. This has a been a great year for me as far as basketball is concerned. I was able to cover the Big Ten Tournament for the Purdue women’s team as well as the NCAA Tournament for two teams. I was also able to see the new talent that the Purdue men’s team has brought in. As it looks right now my next game will probably be January 9th when West Side begins play again at Tipton.

Bonus Photos

I don’t know what I will do with myself with this little hiatus from shooting. With all of the images that I made last year I have some backup work to do for sure. Here is a link to my website with some final images from this year.