Shooting the Season Opening Game

A Thanksgiving tradition the past couple of years has been to see the season opening game for the West Side Red Devils. The night before Thanksgiving they play McCutcheon to get things started. The last couple of years it has not been such a great game for West Side. This year they kept battling after getting behind early to play even pretty much the last three quarters of basketball. I go to the games mainly to shoot my nephew who is on the team, but I can’t help but shoot a little more of the game action. Last night I used the 7DII mainly with a little of the 5DIII thrown into the mix. They are a good pair for basketball, but I really like the FPS of the 7DII. At times it was a little tight, but this is early in the season so I need to get some practice in. What better way to do that then to make things a little harder for me by using a longer lens.

Bonus Photos

Below are a couple of photos that I liked from the game. You can view my full gallery here. I like hosting the photos on SmugMug over sharing them on Facebook because you can see the full res image on SmugMug. I don’t like the way that Facebook makes my photos look.


About Pinola Photo

I am a sports and lifestyle photographer based in West Lafayette, IN home of Purdue University. I cover sports for Big Ten teams as well as other colleges. You can follow me on twitter @pinolaphoto. You can also view my website at

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