The Mortar Board Premier

Shooting a Multi-Day Tournament

I was lucky enough to be able to shoot this tournament for two schools. I have not shot a lot of volleyball, but I feel that I learned very quickly where to be to make a good shot. These women are very athletic, and you want to show that. Normally for any sport you want to get as low as possible. In volleyball I found the higher I was the better the shot was. I really wish that I could have gotten a bit higher. I will have to save that for when Purdue plays in Mackey. Shooting five games in two days in a hot gym is not the best scenario, but it was great. I think that I finished on a high note, and I will have to go back and shoot a little more to see if I can build on what I have done here.

Trying Out the Canon 7D

Birthdays are always an excuse to act a little selfish, and I am no exception to that rule. I rented a Canon 7d from for the holiday weekend. My original intent was to shoot a lot of football with some low light testing. When I picked up the volleyball gig I then switched gears a bit. I wanted to see how it worked indoors. I was really impressed with what the camera was able to do in low light. I did not push it too far, but it did give me enough to get up to around 1/750th of a second inside of Holloway Gymnasium. The middle two photos below were taken with the camera mounted on my 300mm lens. With the 1.6x crop factor that the camera gives me I was able to shoot at around 480mm. It excelled at football as well. Sometime within the next week Canon is expected to announce the 7D Mark II. From what I have read they have addressed a couple of the areas that I was concerned with. If that is the case I may have to think about picking the Mark II out when it ships.

A Quick Thank You

Statistically speaking August was the best month for this little blog in about a year. It was also the second best month since I changed the format to a little more user friendly one. I don’t put a bunch of stock into the WordPress numbers as early on in the life of a post I can have more likes on the post than page views. That seems a little impossible to me. After working with SPC for many years though I have to look at numbers. With the WordPress stats I use them more as a sampling than anything else. I can see trends with the numbers, and thank you for the trend up. Hopefully I can continue to provide quality content on this site.

Bonus Photos

Here are a few other photos that I liked from the final day of the tournament.

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