The Ocean City Pier

Slowing Down the Shutter at the Ocean City Pier

Every year we vacation in Ocean City, Maryland. It is a great place to spend time with your family. Early in the morning and late at night it is also a great time for me to get out and make pictures that just are not available here in West Lafayette. Ocean City is filled with sights that get me excited about photography again. Every year I look forward to our trip out east to the shore. This year is no different. I have learned a lot since my last trip to the shore, and I have some new gear that I want to use. Last year I had ideas like the shot above, but I just did not have the gear to make it work 100% that I had it in my mind. I still like how this shot turned out though. The ghosting water looks great against the dark pier in black and white. I made a few pictures of this pier last year as it was just rebuilt after Hurricane Sandy took the end of it. Everything in view here was new to me as I photographed it.

Editing the Photo in Silver Efex Pro

One of my favorite tools for black and white photography is Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro. You can really see your photos shine in the program. I made some very minor edits in Lightroom to bring out a couple of details, and then I sent the photo into Silver Efex Pro to edit it. Once inside I usually go through the presets until I find something that looks good to me. I have about four presets that I usually end up on. Once I pick the preset I can fine tune it with the sliders on the right hand side of the screen. Those sliders help bring out details that may have been lost in the initial process. The presets give you a guideline of where the image is going, and the sliders get you to the finish line. In the future I will make a video that shows just how I use Silver Efex Pro in my workflow.


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