Nikon Coolpix S9500 Review

Nikon Coolpix S9500 Review

I am not a professional reviewer. I can only speak to what I have seen with the camera using it for everyday images. This is a camera that I thought would solve a lot of problems when I bought it. I wanted a camera that I could take to concerts, or just have in my pocket so that I wouldn’t have to lug my dSLR around in everyday situations. I went to Best Buy with a couple of cameras in mind, but a sales rep talked me into this Nikon. My main concern was that I wanted a camera with manual controls, and the person in charge stated that it did have them in the menu system. Of course the camera could not turn on for me to see the controls. When I pulled the camera out and charged it I realized that I had been lied to. The camera performed very well though in good light so I thought that maybe it was a keeper after all. When I took it to my first concert I realized that I was very wrong. The camera would hit on an image every now and then, but for the most part it would give me a terrible blown out image.

The first day that I had the camera I made an image of a diner just south of town that I really liked. I can’t say this enough that if you have good light this camera can do some great things. The problem with that is that most situations that I wanted to use it in that involved family are inside where the camera did not perform very well. The smart setting on the camera would do its best though, and was very useful. It made candid moments easy to photograph. You didn’t have to worry about the settings, you could just point and shoot. I took this camera into the delivery room when my daughter was born last year. I had it in the smart mode, and it helped me make some of my favorite photos. Of course the room is well lit because of the operation in progress.

Nikon Coolpix S9500 Pros and Cons


  • Size of camera
  • Long zoom capability (550mm)
  • Smart mode is great
  • GPS
  • 18 megapixels in a point and shoot
  • Pop up flash is very powerful for a small light
  • Wi-fi capable
  • If you are into filters there are options in camera


  • Picture quality fades quickly as the light does
  • Charging problems early in life
  • No manual controls
  • GPS continuously searches for your location killing your battery

Sample Images with the Nikon s9500

Here are a few images that I have made with the camera

A Look at the Video Mode

I did not use the video mode very often, but the few times that I did it really gave me a pretty good result. It was very capable for what I was using it for. Below is one of the videos that I made with the camera.

Final Verdict

I sold this camera this past week because of a couple of issues that I really did not like. The first is that it did not have any manual controls. When I bought the camera at Best Buy I was assured that it did, and that they were in the menus. I had my doubts, but why would a noncommissioned sales rep lie to me? Who knows why they did, but it did not have manual controls. This really hurt when the light went away. The camera became a roulette wheel for me. It might hit on a great photo like it did at the Train concert, or it may fail repeatedly as it did prior to hitting on that picture. Having manual controls would have given me the power to decide what light is important in the photo.

The other reason that it went on the sale block was that it was not charging like it should. Something happened in the connections that made charging a chore. Plugging it in and seeing the light did not mean that it was charging. It would stop for some reason, or just continue. I never knew what I had when I went out with the camera, and for that reason it was sold. If you only make images in good light then this camera is for you. If you want something that you can control do what I did and buy a G series camera from Canon.


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