Treating Hahn’s Like Adams

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Photo of the Day

This morning I posted an image made by Ansel Adams. I wanted to process one of my photos in a manner that I thought Ansel would have approved of. I have made many photos of Hans Peak in the years since I first saw it. Some might say that I make too many photos of it. I really think that it is an interesting subject from many different angles. For this photo I was lucky in the way that the light hit the mountain. Sometimes you just need a little luck on your side when you don’t have much time in an area. The conditions have to be right for the photo when you are there.

Technical Data

I think that this photo works so well here because of the lack of clouds in the sky. Had their been a few clouds this image would have not been the same processed in this way. I might have kept it in color. As it was I thought that a moody black and white would be perfect. I started out by using the Trey Ratcliff preset An Infared Morning on the image. From there I tweaked the sliders to get the look that I wanted for the photo. The last two that I worked on was the black and the white sliders. I wanted to get those just right. I think that the attention to detail here paid off.

Photo Sale!

This image and all of my others on my website here are now 50% off until Labor Day. I thought that after the long winter that we endured a photo sale was in order. If you like the photo above just click on it, and you will be taken directly to the image on SmugMug. If you just want to browse my online portfolio you can click on the link below.

50% Off

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