Layover at Sunset

Photo of the Day

While coming back from Colorado last year we had a fairly long layover in Atlanta. I knew that I would see a good show as the Super Bowl was getting ready to start. What I did not count on was an even better show out the window as the sun went down. While everyone else seemed to be focused on the pre game on the TV I was focused out the window. With a little patience I was able to make this photo.

This blog has been on autopilot for about the last week as I prepared to leave town for a couple of days. Tomorrow I should have some fresh pictures from my time in Pennsylvania.

Technical Data

For this photo I used a preset called A Golden Daytime in Lightroom 5. It really seemed to make the photo pop for me. It is nice to get out and try some other presets every once in a while. After applying the preset I performed an exposure and vibrance adjustment. I then used the graduated filter tool to darken the sky to the level that it was when I was there. That filter works great on a scene like this with a fairly level horizon. Trees or other objects that rise up take on the same levels as you are applying to the sky. Here though I was able to give it the look that I wanted.

Photo Sale!

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