GoPro Video: Photographing a College Baseball Game

GoPro Video

Last night I put the GoPro on top of my camera to show some of the different positions that I take during a game. I really did not even hit them all in the short time that I was filming. I would put it on for a while, and then stop it during a stoppage in play. Sometimes I get so into what I am doing that I would not restart the video. I like these kinds of videos because they help me get better. You don’t want to see the entire game so I have condensed it a bit. Part of this video may get used again as I intend on trying something new with the footage from my HDR shots. I would like to put together a video showing the entire process from start to finish including making the images. We will see how that goes. For now enjoy this behind the scenes look into a day in the life of a baseball photographer.

When I just have GoPro footage I like to use the GoPro Studio program to put it all together. It is just a little easier for me to use right now. The program does most of the work for you. You just have to place your video and audio into the slots provided. This is the kind of video program that I need in my life.

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