At the Park

Photo of the Day

On this blog I have talked a bit about the panoramic that I was given in 1986 when I attended a White Sox game. For some reason that shot has always spoken to me. In the next couple of weeks I will get a little more in depth into that photo. I have taken shots from behind the plate at every stadium that I have attended since then. It has kind of become my go to shot. I did the same here at U.S. Cellular Field on this night, but before I made it to the center of the field I decided to try something new. I wanted a shot from the outfield that included the scoreboard in it. I liked how the lines looked that night, and I knew that I had a pretty cool image here.

I have not been to a White Sox game yet this season. The move further south has really made the trips a little more to take. I do plan on going back in a couple of weeks though to see my White Sox play. I hope that I can make a few more good shots of this newer ballpark that is starting to grow on me. Making images for the sports department has been fun this season. This is a bit of an off week, but next week things will really pick up one last time. I will include this sports photo now as I am sure this blog will be full of them next week.

Technical Data

For this photo I used my 8mm fisheye lens on my crop frame body to get this look. When I travel I often have the fisheye with me, but it rarely leaves the bag. It really is a specialty lens that is only good for a couple of shots. I used it twice that night. Once here in the corner, and once behind the plate. It really does give you a grand look at the scene that cannot be reproduced with another lens. It gets little use, but the pictures that it makes are usually spectacular.

As for processing this photo in the digital darkroom I knew on the scene that I might do a couple of things here. The original shot had a weird color to it. Using this fisheye at night I have found can produce some weird color results. One way to negate that is to make the photo black and white. I usually do that in Lightroom 5, but here I used Silver Efex Pro 2. For a long time when this Nik Software program was a bit more expensive I pined for it. I really wanted it to make some great black and white images. In the meantime I found a few presets that I liked for Lightroom that almost made it obsolete. When Google bought Nik Software and lowered the price for the whole suite I had to buy it. When I do use Silver Efex Pro I love the Fine Art preset in the program. It is a great starting off point from which I can build. Inside the program you can tweak the sliders to get the look that you want. I would suggest taking a copy of your photo into the program though as the edit once saved is a destructive one. Here I thought that it gave me a very striking image that I liked. Once the photo came back into Lightroom from Silver Efex Pro all I did was export it to SmugMug. A simple easy edit.


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