How Bout Them Cowgirls!

Photo of the Day

Saturday started off for me with something very new. I covered a team other than Purdue inside of Mackey Arena. I photographed the Oklahoma State Cowgirls for their sports information department. A tournament brings some new opportunities in, and this was one that I was thankful for. As I said yesterday I tried out a new lens during the game, but for shots like this I always use my 24-70mm at 24mm. I just gives me the look that I want. The thing I like about the shot here is how it shows the place with the Purdue logo and the opposing team in the background. It also shows the emotions that I think make college sports so great. I have at least one more opportunity to shoot college basketball this season when I photograph the matchup between Oklahoma State tonight. It is a 9:00 start so it will be interesting to see who makes it out to this one. It will be a long night editing for sure. If Purdue can win the game then maybe I can end up in South Bend next weekend to shoot that game.

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