Feeding Time

Photo of the Day

While out and about earlier in the week I came across these horses eating. I have made some pictures here before, but this was my first time with a really big lens. I will have more on the lens later on in the technical section. Two of the horses in the photo have actually been on the blog in the past. They are beautiful animals so I am sure that it isn’t the last time that they will be on here either. I will be shooting the NCAA Tournament here in West Lafayette this weekend so this might be the last non sports photo to make the website for a while.

Technical Data

First of all I used the light HDR Look preset in Lightroom 5 created by Matt Kloskowski to edit this photo. That is the extent of the post processing of it. I want to talk about the lens that I used for a bit. In the future I will have a post describing what I thought of the lens, but for now here are a couple of thoughts. I rented a 200-500mm Tamron lens from the local camera shop for a day. I thought that I would give it a try at the baseball game on Wednesday to see what shooting up close and personal looks like. It worked fine, but for sports I need something much faster than the f/6.3 that it gave me when zoomed in to 500mm. Of course as a test it went fine. For this photo I was not zoomed in at all as 200mm on a crop sensor is actually quite long. I used equipment on both ends here that I don’t consider professional, but in the end I came up with an interesting shot.

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