Stopped At The Tracks

Photo of the Day

I went out for a drive during one of the nicer days last week to see what I could see. As I was driving towards the windmills I was stopped by a train. Before the train made it to me though I made this photo. I liked the idea of what I saw in front of me, and I wanted to capture that. Sometimes something very simple can make a good photo.

Technical Data

Saturday while in Indy I went to the Ansel Adams exhibit at the Eiteljorg Museum. It was an eye opener for me. I really love the work of Adams, but I had never seen it up close like it was here. You could really see the detail that he captured. I really wanted to try and emulate him. Right as I left the museum I made a couple of pictures with black and white in mind. I will show those later. For now I wanted to add this photo that I converted to black and white in Silver Efex Pro 2. I used the program to tone and process the photo the way that I wanted it to be. Silver Efex is a great program with many presets to help you get started. From that starting point you can then mold the photo into the vision that you had on the scene. Back in Lightroom I added to the blacks a bit before exporting the photo to SmugMug.

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