Seeing Red

Photo of the Day

Here is another photo from the Supercross race last Saturday night. We had seats in the 400 level for the night. I really did not feel like taking big enough glass up there to make shooting the riders worthwhile. I decided to just shoot the opening ceremonies, and then to put my camera away. I am glad that I took my camera though for this shot. Just before this moment during the National Anthem they shot off some fireworks. I have some shots of the fireworks, but indoors the smoke was just too much after the initial burst. The smoke did make for a great refractor though when the red flames came up. The entire arena appeared to change color, and I love how this photo looks. In a stadium known for its fans who dress in blue it was very interesting to see it turn red for a short time.

Technical Data

Here once again I am using the HDR Look preset in Lightroom 5 by Matt Kloskowski. After applying the preset I tweaked it a bit, but the preset gets me very close to where I want to be. I need to get away from using it, but I really like the look that it gives me.

Bonus Video

Here is a video that I took during the practice session when I was sitting down low. I used a new mount on top of my camera that gets the Go Pro a bit higher, and makes the 70-200 mm lens disappear. This is a great way to shoot both stills and video at the same time. Of course my shutter can clearly be heard during the video. I guess that I will have to try and find a way around that.


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