Inspiring Images: ‘Moonrise’ by Bill Anders


Inspiring Image

Most of the time these inspiring images come from research into a project or a shot that I want to make. Today I saw an image that has always been awesome to me, and I realized that this project does not have to be about things that I am working on. I will probably never take a picture from the moon looking towards the earth, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t admire this one. The video below really sheds some light on how the photo was made. A course correction on an orbit showed the astronauts a view that they had not previously seen as they orbited the moon. It was Christmas Eve, but I would bet that this view was a great early Christmas present for those on board the craft. Listening to the astronauts call out the right settings to make the shot was an added bonus. Shots like this one make you want to go out and create something amazing.


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