Christmas in Door Prairie

Photo of the Day

One of the landmarks in my hometown of LaPorte, Indiana is the Door Prairie barn. I love photographing this barn during all of the seasons. This as crazy as it may seem is the first time that I have photographed it this year. My trips to LaPorte are few and far between, and usually jam packed. The snow on the trees really added to the photo I thought. I would have liked to get closer here, but once again time was in the way. Someday I will give this barn the proper treatment.

Technical Data

This scene had a very ugly gray sky in it. The entire time I was in LaPorte there was an awful sky if you could see it at all with the snow falling down. You can’t control the sky, but this is art so I can alter reality a bit. I used a Trey Ratcliff preset called Daytime Fixy here. It adds a bit of a blue hue to the sky to give it a much more appealing look. It isn’t quite reality, but sometimes you need a little extra to make a picture look the way that you see it in your head.

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