The Mercury Seven

Photo of the Day

After talking about John F. Kennedy a bit on this blog I thought that I would talk about the program that he is given credit for. The race in space started off during the Eisenhower administration, but Kennedy is usually given credit for moving it along. His proclamation of going to the moon by the end of the decade really captured the attention of the country, and put an impossible goal in front of the men and women at NASA. Somehow even with setbacks they accomplished the goal. I have always loved the movie ‘The Right Stuff.’ It chronicles the Mercury 7. They were the first seven men chosen to go into space. They were brave men to ride on top of a missile into space. Those early flights provided the knowledge that built the space program. I took the tour when I went to NASA that took you to the pads that those historic flights started on. This monument honors the original seven men whose bravery made the rest of the flights possible.

Technical Data

This photo was taken in 2006 when my first dSLR was still very new to me. I barely knew how to use it at the time, and auto mode was my best friend. Auto had trouble with a scene like this. I used the HDR in Lightroom preset to help me get this picture close to what I saw on that day. I would love to visit Cape Canaveral again with my current gear to give some of these images another shot.

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