Trying To Harness The Wind

Photo of the Day

Today’s photo comes very late in the day. This is due to a couple of reasons. The first is the fact that I went about 24 hours without any power at home. I am not complaining though. After driving around today and seeing the damage that some had I was very lucky yesterday to just have a power outage. Many people lost much more yesterday.

The other reason is that for some reason I did not shoot anything this past weekend. Usually my Monday posts have something to do with one of the events that I covered over the weekend. Many things seemed to get in the way of my shooting this past weekend. That will change this coming weekend. For now though enjoy this photo that I took just an hour or so after getting my first Canon 5D Mark III in the mail. I went towards Fowler to capture the large windmills, but found this smaller one very photogenic.

Technical Data

This was an easy edit. I used Matt Kloskowski’s HDR Black and White preset to get the image close. I then adjusted the exposure a bit, and I had my finished image.


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