The Stars Will Guide You

Photo of the Day

The first night that I had the 5D Mark III I went out late to make some pictures that I can’t normally make. I have always wanted to try to capture the Milky Way with my camera. I have tried and failed a couple of times with the 60D. In order to get enough light in the camera I have to have the shutter open for too long. That would blur the stars too much. With the 5D I was able to actually even shorten the time the shutter was open. The full frame sensor really does let in more light allowing me to do some things that I would not normally do. I made some nice pictures of the Milky Way, but I wanted something in the foreground. I drove around for over an hour before deciding to head home. I decided to drive on a few different roads on the way home, and I found this barn. I loved how it was almost transparent through the wood slats. It was the perfect place to make my stand so to speak that night. I made a few images, and then of course came home to see what I had. It is hard to believe that such beauty is just a few miles down the road.

Technical Data

As I said this was shot with the 5D Mark III off of a tripod. I knew that I wanted to keep the shutter open for around 30 seconds in order to get as much light from the Milky Way into the camera without having the stars move too much. They did move a bit here, and I think in the end the shot works. This is an experiment that I really would like to try a few more times so that when I go somewhere like Colorado where I have mountains and cabins to put beneath the Milky Way I can nail it. It would seem like photographing the night sky would be easy. To fully capture it though is a skill that I would like to acquire.


4 Replies to “The Stars Will Guide You”

  1. Really Nice picture. Some time ago…ok, a long time ago, when the skies were a lot darker, (even in suburban NJ) I captured the Milky Way in a 25 minutes exposure, black and white, hand guided piggyback on a 10″ reflector telescope, no magnification (f 2.8 50mm lens) on the EXA 35 mm camera. The results (developed days later!) were incredible to me than, but awful by today’s standards. I recently bought a Nikon 5200, and am waiting to find dark skies and explain myself to my wife before trying again. Thanks for your post. (In a few weeks, I hope to post that old picture and my results on my site.)

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