Lighting Two States

Photo of the Day

I posted one picture of this lighthouse already, but this one might just be my favorite. From what I can tell I might have just been standing in Maryland while I took this picture of this Delaware lighthouse. This is a picture that I would normally have not taken in the past. I will get into that more later. This is a nice little lighthouse that was a pleasure to make photos of. Sometimes it is the small little trips that are the most fun. I did not spend much time here at the lighthouse, but it is a great memory from a very fun vacation.

Technical Data

This is where the fun starts. I have been having fun doing minimal processing to my images. This one however is very different. I first took three pictures on the scene bracketed at -2, 0, and +2. Back at home I ran those three images through Photomatix to fuse them together. I then sent the 32 bit file back to Lightroom so that I could use the sliders there. I used a Matt Kloskowski preset called HDR in Lightroom (medium) on the image to start. From there it was a task to massage the sliders to get the look that I wanted. When I had the image close to where I wanted it I opened it up in Photoshop. There I took out the six power lines that ran directly through the image. Normally I would not have even taken this shot because of the power lines. Here I took it because I liked the angle, but also to test out the content aware tool in Lightroom. I was not let down as it made the lines disappear without a trace. I really have fallen in love with this part of the program. Shots that were too cluttered to take are not very doable. I then took the photo into Perfect Effects 4 by On One Software. I wanted to see what the program could do for me. I applied one of the glow effects called “Orton Hears a Who” to the photo. I only ran it at about 20% opacity, but it did make the picture look better for me. That is all that was done here. I think I only left out two programs that I could have used. Maybe I can work those in next time.

3 Replies to “Lighting Two States”

    1. Look back through this site to see some of the horrible things I used to do with the program. I was using HDR on food and dogs. I watched a few tutorials by Trey Ratcliff, and it really helped me out.

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