Trickling Into the Potholes

Photo of the Day

Before my trip to Maryland I decided to try out my ND filter close to home to see what it could do. I knew that an ND8 filter would not give me too much in broad daylight so I had to use cloud cover to help me out as well. The potholes at Fall Creek Gorge near Williamsport really gives you many opportunities to try and slow down the water. When water is slowed down by using a very slow shutter speed you give it a dreamy quality. I really had fun trying this process out, and it really helped me out greatly when I made my way to the ocean. I will have a couple of those shots that I took in the next few days as I go through my pictures from the trip. For once I have not gone through every single photo yet. I usually look through my pictures right away the night I take them. I was the kid that had his baseball cards opened in the car on the way home. I usually do the same with my pictures, but I took this opportunity to spend some time with the family rather than going through pictures. I have found many that I liked during the trip, and I was pleasantly surprised with how some snapshots turned out.

Technical Data

The first part of this process was to change the image to black and white. I used the HDR black and white (light) preset by Matt Kloskowski in Lightroom 5 to start off. From there I made a highlight, temperature, and blacks adjustment to get the photo where it needed to be. This was actually a very quick edit. Those are the best kind. I did use my ND8 filter on the scene though to get the silky look to the water.

New SmugMug Site

Yesterday SmugMug rolled out a new design for their site. I have been using SmugMug for a little over a year now, and I finally feel like I am part of the site. I was basically just using it as a dump site for my photos in the past. Now I have designed a layout that I like with some links to other places to see my work. I will link to my new site here so that you can visit it if you wish.

New SmugMug site

Behind the Scenes Video

Below is a video that I made at the potholes on the day that I took this picture. I thought that it would be a good idea to use my GoPro Hero 3 to make a video of the short trip to the potholes.  I will try and do this for more and more of my shoots just so you can see a bit of what goes into the photo.

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