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Photo of the Day

By the time this is posted I should be in the air. Today I am headed to Ocean City, Maryland for a week on the beach. This will be my second trip out to the Maryland coast so I know what to expect. I had a great time last year making pictures all over on the boardwalk. Now that I know the area a bit I hope that I can make some interesting pictures this year. I have some ideas to try, but of course on a vacation things can change at any minute. For some reason I really seem to like posting airport pictures on the day that I will be there. I guess that it keeps me making pictures in airports to pass the time.

I really wanted a nice picture during our short stay in Dallas. The only problem was that we would be in the airport the entire time. I decided to try and see what I could do in the terminal. I liked the idea of trying to blur the people moving along quickly as they do in airports. I had to stay very still for nearly a half second to get this look, but I think that it worked out.

Technical Data

This photo was processed in Silver Efex Pro after being exported from Lightroom 5. The lighting in the airports usually gives me fits so I lean towards black and white every time. Silver Efex Pro is a great way to get a great look with your black and whites. I find a preset look that I like, and then use the sliders to make it pop for me. I am glad that NIK lowered the price for the suite so that I could add it to my collection.

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