Welcome, Weekend

Photo of the Day

This photo was made on my only night in San Francisco. I had come home from the Giants game with the idea of getting a few shots of the hotel in mind. The Westin St. Francis is a beautiful hotel that was well worth my time photographing. The architecture all over the building had me turning my head the entire time we were there. I am sure that a couple more pictures from the hotel will appear on this blog before it is all said and done. I have a busy weekend ahead of me so as the floor says Welcome Weekend!

Technical Data

This was a three shot HDR photo that was processed in Photomatix Pro. I used three exposures from -2, 0, +2 to gather all of the light in the scene. There was a wide range of light that I think required this. I combined the images in Photomatix, but then sent the 32 bit file back into Lightroom 5 to work on it. For some reason I didn’t like the colors in the photo. It just didn’t pop to me. That was when I decided to open the file in Silver Efex Pro to see what I could do with it. I went through my normal favorite presets in the program, but I thought that the picture could be more. I ended up using the Fine Art High Key Framed preset in the program. I really liked what it did to my photo, and I just needed to tweak a couple of settings before sending it back to Lightroom. This is more work than I like to do on one of my images, but in this case I think that it was worth it.

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