The Stroll

the stroll

Photo of the Day

Here is another picture from the trip to California. One night we decided to go for dessert. We went to a place called Rick’s Dessert Diner in Sacramento. I did not know what I was getting into when I walked into the diner. There was a huge line, but the reward at the end was a great dessert. I had one for myself, and I got to sample another dessert. Both were delicious. This place definitely has to be on the list to visit every year. While waiting in line you walk right past an old jukebox. I loved looking at the names of the songs on old tabs, and it brought back memories. I had an idea for a shallow depth of field picture, and I think that this is very much what I was going for. A little piece of history to go along with a great dessert.

Technical Data

This was an easy edit. I just adjusted the highlights, clarity, and white balance. We were in line so I really had the time to get it right in camera. I love it when a picture is so easy. Another technical note is that this is yet another picture taken with my ‘new’ 24-70mm lens that I bought just before the trip. Yet again I go somewhere with a new piece of glass that I use way too much. I think that it worked beautifully here.

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