The Keeper of the Cove

Photo of the Day

I know that in April and May I really bombed this site with sports images. Part of the fun of getting to go behind the scenes around some Purdue sports was the chance to make pictures that I couldn’t make before. I took a lot of what I learned to AT&T Park on my first night in San Francisco. I won’t bore you with the action images from that night. I will end up showing a few shots from around the stadium though before it is all said and done. This stadium was really done right, and it was everything that I had hoped it would be. Some other shots from my day at the stadium can be found on my Google+ page here.

I knew that I wanted to photograph three of the statues that the Giants have placed around the stadium. Both the Willie Mays and the Juan Marichal statues are right next to the stadium. The statue of Willie McCovey though is across the cove from the stadium. That cove has been named McCovey Cove, and is one of the awesome features of this park. I made a few pictures of this statue from a couple of different angles, but I had an idea. I walked up the small hill in front of the statue to gain some height. I wanted Willie to be above the marina and the Bay Bridge. I think that small move made Willie the dominant subject of the picture, and gave me a picture that I wanted. I think that I should have come back to the same spot as I left the park to take this same picture after dark. This also would have put the sunset above the bridge which would have been awesome as well. I was busy then though making pictures of the game in progress. I would love to be at the park on a gameday when I am not into the game to explore a bit more than I did.

Technical Data

With the sky bright blue I knew on the scene that I would be making a black and white image from this picture here. At first I tried a couple of my presets in Lightroom to see what they could do. Something was still missing from the photo though. I opened the photo up in Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro. I basically have just few presets in the program that I use. Most of those that are included seem to give a look that I do not like. When I am making a black and white picture I want something clean. This is the high structure preset that I really seem to gravitate towards. I brought the photo back into Lightroom, and I adjusted a couple of sliders, but the photo was a very easy edit.

This was also taken with my new 24-70mm lens that I have really come to love. I bought the lens used about a week before leaving for San Francisco, and it was worth every penny. I really love the look of the bokeh that it gives.

2 Replies to “The Keeper of the Cove”

  1. Did you take the “Duck Tour” of SF? It’s a fun amphibious ride through the city and out into the cove. Cool to see Willie from the water. I agree that SF’s ballpark was done well.

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