The Stockton Burger

stockton burger

Photo of the Day

Last year when we went to California we went to Sacramento right from the airport. We had an idea of a place to eat at, but it was not open. The next choice was this burger joint down the street. As we were leaving I wanted to get a picture of the place where I had my first meal in California. The picture above is the result. I am writing the posts that will show up during my trip early so I have no idea what my eating habits will be while out there. I do know that the burger here was a great way to start the trip off. I ate a couple of new things o the last trip so who knows what will happen this time?

Follow My Journey

This is my first trip actively using Instagram. If you want to follow along with my trip follow me on Instagram at pinolaphoto. During the trip I hope to show the journey as well as a couple of sneak peaks at what is to come on the blog later.

Technical Data

I was in the middle of my ‘HDR everything’ phase while out in California. Thankfully I also had just started shooting in RAW at the time. I took my metered exposure into Silver Efex Pro 2 to see what I could do. I love this program, and it gives me some great results. Here is a look at what the fine art preset in the program can do. I love the look, and I think that it needed no other tweaks to it. If you haven’t bought the program yet it is now cheaper than ever. It is well worth the money.

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