The Candy Man Can

candy man

Photo of the Day

Before we went to the graduation at Valpo Sunday we stopped off at the Albanese Candy Factory in Merrillville, Indiana. For years I had seen a house built into what appeared to be a factory. There where no signs then though to say what it was. Now the exterior of the house has been fixed up, and it is a full blown destination. I liked some of the decorations around the shop, and with a new lens in hand I may have overshot the interior of the building. I did take time to set this shot up though. I waited until an employee came over to get some chocolate out of a bin. It gave the person on the swing something to look at, and I think made the picture. I may have more from the candy store in the next couple of days. This is a really cool shop that has something for every candy lover including a 40 foot tall chocolate fondue fountain.

Technical Data

As with yesterday’s picture this one was shot with the 24-70mm lens as well. The high aperture really helps blur the background giving me the look that I want. Right now I don’t want to carry a bunch of prime lenses around so this along with my 70-200mm lens gives me great coverage in the L series glass. In Lightroom I didn’t do a whole lot here. I tried to get it right in the store. I did bump up the highlights a bit as well as add some vibrance. I did something new though, and turned the clarity down. I usually like the clarity up, but I liked the way that it melted away the background even more turned down a bit. In all this was an easy picture to process.

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