Putting a Stop to the Starts

double start

Sports Photo of the Day

I am writing this from the team bus on the way to the season opening bout of the Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls. I figured that at some point today I needed to get a picture up with something derby related in it. The subject of this picture is the starts as they happened last season. The whistle would be blown to start the bout,and the main pack would take off. When they crossed the line a second whistle would be blown to release the hammers. This was an exciting part of the experience, but it was cut out for this season. Everyone starts at the same time now. This will end some of the crazy tactics that slowed things down, but I always enjoyed the race off of the line. This photo is of the start of one such race. I plan on taking many pictures tonight so chances are you will see a derby picture tomorrow.

Technical Data

I edited this photo at the time of the bout last year I was really playing on the colors of derby. Looking at it now I think the colors are a bit hot, but I like what I did at the time so I will not change it. No presets were used here at all. This was just an exercise in moving the sliders around. I also used Lightrooms noise reduction to get rid of the noise that creeps in at 6400 iso.

2 Replies to “Putting a Stop to the Starts”

    1. Women’s hockey is fun to watch for sure. I have just gotten into roller derby, and these women are for real. It is tough, and I wouldn’t want to be out there with them.

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