Throwback Thursday: His Airness Turns 50


Throwback Photo

I purposely postponed this section for a couple of days because Michael Jordan turns 50 tomorrow. Growing up he was the man living near Chicago. The slogan ‘I want to be like Mike’ was true for almost every kid that I grew up with. A short, slow, white kid from Indiana like me for some reason thought that if they stuck their tongue out while driving to the basket that they could score like Mike. Of course I could not, but the dream was always there. It is something else to think of number 23 turning 50. It just does not seem possible.

I took this picture in 2001 as the Wizards were playing the Pistons. I wanted to see Michael play one more time, but tickets to see him in Chicago were just too hard to come by. They were much easier to get in Detroit so our road took us there. I had seen Michael play before, but my friend had not. We had tickets that would let us see Michael sort of up close, but would not break the bank. Michael did not have the best of nights, but still scored 19 points. He did not play much in the second half because the game was so out of hand. It was nice to see him play one last time though.

Technical Data

This shot had nothing done to it. I actually downloaded it off of the internet from my sports site so that I could use it. This was made with my parents Sony Mavica camera. I have said before that I think that camera was ahead of its time. I would not use anything like it until my first dSLR in 2006. The main story here technically was how the camera was even brought in to make this shot. This game was played on November 4, 2001. The world was still in shock from what occurred on September 11th of that year. Security was at an all time high, and they would not allow cameras inside of the stadium. As you may have known from previous posts about this camera it took many floppy disks for a small shoot. We had to sneak both the camera and the disks past a very alert security staff at the Palace at Auburn Hills. My friend took the camera while I took the disks, and we both made it in. I did not shoot much early on for fear of getting booted. When MJ was at the line for a free throw though I knew that it was now or never. That camera did not do very well in the low light of the stadium so I had to try and get a shot when he was not moving so much. This was about the only usable shot from the night because of those circumstances.

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