Pack Up the Car

bel air

Photo of the Day

I picked this picture today because tomorrow I will have my car packed so that I can head to the airport. I am very excited about the trip, and I am trying not to keep posting picture after picture from Colorado. I am sure that I will do that when I get back. The land is so beautiful out there that I am bound to get a couple of keepers on the trip.

I took this shot last year during the Dancing in the Streets night in Lafayette. They had some beautiful older cars on display for all to see. I was very excited to make some pictures there, but I really don’t make pictures of cars very often. I struggled to find angles that would make the cars look good. Near the end I started making this shot with most of the cars. This might not be the most flattering shot of this classic car, but I like it.

Technical Data

For this shot I used a free Lightroom Preset from On One Software called Grandma’s Lemonade to start off. That gave this shot the classic picture look that I was going for. From there I made a couple of tweaks to the sliders in order to make this shot look much older. The two sliders that I was working on were the contrast and exposure sliders. I really worked on the exposure to get this just right. I think that I ended up with something that I was hoping for. I wanted there to be doubt as to when this picture was taken, and like I said I think the tools in Lightroom allowed that to happen.

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