Throwback Thursday: Big Ten Season

carver hawkeye

Throwback Photo of the Day

I took this photo in 2004 just before my first football game at Kinnick Stadium. You can find a picture from inside the football stadium from that day here. The Iowa basketball team was having an open scrimmage at their arena that I knew I wanted to attend. I sort of collect sports stadiums. I have to see a game in the stadium to count, but I want to see games in as many stadiums and arenas as I can. As I was leaving that day I took this picture of the entire arena. I have always liked it, but I wish that it had been a bit fuller. I have planned trips to go back when Purdue is playing to see the stadium packed, but I have never made it yet. I guess I thought of this shot after posting my shot from inside of Mackey earlier today. This should be a banner day for visits with interior shots of two stadiums on the site.

Technical Data

This was a case of just adjusting a few sliders in Lightroom just a little to bring out some of the textures and colors in the arena. I really did not do much to this shot as I liked it already.

Other News

Lately I have been rethinking this throwback segment. I really want to get my best work out there, and I don’t always think that this segment does that. I am also running out of older pictures that I feel are suitable for this site. I guess it all comes down to getting good photos onto this site. When I feel that I am putting something inferior on here than this segment will end, or I will amend it. There is a small portion of time when I was shooting with my first dSLR that I had no clue what I was doing. Those would be good throwback pictures as well although some of them have found their way onto the site already. We will see what happens here in the future. I have enough decent pictures to last a while. I might even start getting sentimental with some of them.

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