Throwback Thursday: Midnight in Paris


Throwback Photo

This is a photo from near my hotel (Bally’s) in Las Vegas looking towards the Paris hotel next door. I loved everything about this hotel from the scaled down Eiffel Tower to the nice balloon shaped sign out front. Using a point and shoot makes a shot like this tough though. I really had to focus on staying still to get it. In the end it turned out. I have often wondered how my dSLR would do on the strip. It is not as concealed as my point and shoot was, but I think that I would have had a blast with it.

Technical Data

Here is a good luck at things that I used to do because I was limited by my equipment. My old point and shoot cameras would not capture the entire scene. I had to improvise. I would take to pictures trying to line them up as best as possible up and down. From there I would run them through my panoramic program in Microsoft Photo Suite 2006. In fact I only quit using this program last year because I liked it so much. I now know that I have better programs to use, but my limited pano work is still done with this program. Almost seven years after I initially edited the photo I ran it through Lightroom to add a few highlights to it. Even with an old jpeg Lightroom let me bring it to life a little more. You really have to be careful though not to overdue it, and break apart the picture. This one when zoomed in all the way is really not very sharp. Too much tinkering would have ruined it. I think that I walked the fine line pretty well here.

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