My Kind of Snow Globe

lubbers snow globe

Photo of the Day

Today I thought I would post this picture that I took in 2009 in Allendale, Michigan. We were watching the NCAA Division 2 semi-final game between the Grand Valley State Lakers and Carson Newman. The weather in southwest Michigan was very wintery that day, but I loved every minute of it. We were very cold sitting in our seats, but the snow made for some great pictures. As it was getting dark I snapped this three shot panorama of the stadium in the snow. I always thought that it had a snow globe look to it. I was not sure about how a panorama would look on this site, but why not give it a try. Grand Valley won that game 41-27 to advance to Florence, Alabama to play in the Championship game. We ended up on the field that night celebrating. It was a very good time for sure. If you want to see more pictures from that day they can be found on my sports blog here.

Technical Data

This one took some work on it several years apart. After taking the photo in 2009 I ran it through Microsoft Photo Suite 2006 which is the program that I used at the time to make my panoramas. In fact when I made a couple last year I was still using the program. I am sure that I have better tools available now, but I really have not had the reason to use them yet. Here in late 2012 I decided to run this picture through Lightroom to see what I could do to it. The medium sports preset by Matt Kloskowski really seemed to make the picture, and I am really surprised at what taking a little color away from a shot can do to it.

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