An Indiana Sunset

Photo of the Day

Last night was an interesting night. I was inside the house getting my camera bag ready to head over to Purdue when I started getting messages to look outside. A beautiful sunset was there waiting for me, but I was too busy getting my gear ready to notice it. I ran outside to try a couple of things, but this is the shot that I really liked. I may have wandered into the neighbors yard a bit to silhouette his basketball hoop with the sunset. I get so into my HDR work that sometimes I forget how nice a silhouette can be. I also captured this with my iPhone so maybe another version of this will pop up on Friday.

I did make it to the basketball game. If you are interesting in any of the pictures that I took there you can find them here. After being up close and personal shooting high school basketball it was strange to be shooting from the upper bowl again. I did have fun at the game, and Purdue won easily against Bobby Knights son Pat.

Technical Data

This shot was just a simple tweak on what was already there. As I mentioned last night in the cookie cutter post most images shot in RAW look very flat when brought into Lightroom. When you take a jpeg with your camera most of the settings I tweak are done for you by the camera. It picks the contrast, highlights, and the rest of the functions. A RAW image comes in zeroed out. I had fun making this shot resemble what I saw in the sky. No presets for this image, but just finding the right balance to get something that I liked.


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