The Bucket Stays Home

Photo of the Day

Today Indiana University and Purdue University played their annual rivalry game against each other. It is a heated contest that puts pride on the line as well as the symbolic ‘Old Oaken Bucket.’ Today’s version of the game was a great game until Purdue broke it open late. When the clock expired I saw fans streaming onto the field so I joined them. I was having fun watching Bruce Gaston enjoying the bucket when he decided to kiss it. Tips was a blind shot over a couple of players, but I quite like it. It is moments like this that make sports great.

Technical Data

This was processed very quickly just using one of the free sports presets that Matt Kloskowski released. I have really been over using them, but they get me close to where I want to be so quickly it is hard not to use them. I applied the preset and then performed a few little tweaks to get me to where I wanted to be. It’s was a very quick edit of the shot. I will probably have a post up tomorrow with another shot along with some other pictures from the day.

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