A Colorful Accident

Photo of the Day

Yesterday I posted a sports photo. It is amazing to me how badly those go over on this blog. Most people that are subscribed apparently just like my landscape work. I was very happy with that shot though, and I wanted to show it off a bit. Today I will go another direction, and post yet another shot from our vacation this past July. I loved how the light was bouncing all around with the bumper cars. Capturing this handheld though was another matter. I like the way that it turned out, but of course I had to introduce noise to the image to get everything how I wanted it. I do like the scene though, and it is one that has stuck with me since we came home.

Technical Data

I had to really walk a fine line in Lightroom here to show the picture how I saw it, and to keep with reality. I also had to use Lightroom to get rid of some of the noise that I brought in with my high ISO. I really had fun with this one tweaking the sliders to get the shot just where I wanted it. At the end of the day I am happy with my result, and that is all that should matter.

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