iPhone Friday: Bush Surveys Houston

iPhone Photo

This should be an iPhone photo today, but in order to keep with the Presidential theme I had to go back a bit to an older Blackberry Storm picture. I took this in the spring of 2010 while in Houston to see the Boiler basketball team play. As usual I try and see some historical sites along with my sports endeavors. While in Texas I went to both the Lyndon Johnson and the George H.W. Bush Presidential museums. I liked them both, and really had a good time there. While driving around on our last day I saw this statue looking towards the downtown area of Houston. After a quick illegal parking maneuver I was in position to get a couple of shots. I liked making pictures from the front, but I also liked this view from behind. In the end this was my favorite shot from the rushed double parked shoot.

Technical Data

I started playing with some new software with this shot. I downloaded On One Software’s Perfect Photo Suite 7 for a free trial a couple of nights ago. I did not have time to play with it right away, but I decided to give it a shot. I am new to the software, but right now it looks like an altered version of my Topaz Labs Suite that I own. The jury is still far from out here as I have some more research to do with a much higher quality photo than this. I decided to be quick and dirty here, and just go into the Perfect Effects 4 portion of the suite to add a quick effect. Of course had I known that I would have liked the black and white version so much I just would have opened up the black and white portion of the photo. I chose the coffee effect for the photo, and I liked the results the best. I may have to open up some higher res photos inside of the software to see exactly what it could do. I liked a lot of the effects. but the low pixels led to a lot of noise with most of them. I see a lot of potential here.

edit: After posting the picture I did end up opening the shot back up in Perfect B&W 1. I think that this portion of the software could well be worth the price of the suite. I really like how some of the effects looked. Once again I was seeing a lot of grain, and that was due to using a cell phone picture. I may have to figure something out to utilize this software a bit better in the future.

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