Throwback Thursday: Plain Speaker

Throwback Photo

I took this picture in 2005 while visiting the Kansas City region. I thought that with the elections coming up next Tuesday that I should post a picture with a President or something related to a President in it. When I think of the perfect President Truman comes to mind. He really was a great man to have been thrown into the fire he was thrown into, and to come out on the other side unscathed. I was lucky to come out unscathed while taking this photo as well. Just before I took this picture the tornado sirens went off in the small town of Independence, Missouri. A terrible storm blew through that I watched from the courtyard of the museum. I really had no basement to go to so I took the best view of it that I could. After it blew over I went back in, and this was the first thing that I saw. I loved the way that the colors all came together here. I need to go back with my dSLR to get the shot that I really wanted.

Technical Data

Since this was taken with a point and shoot I really couldn’t do much to it. I did adjust the clarity, highlights, shadows, contrast, and the noise on the photo. With a jpeg though I really could not make any big change to the shot. With these throwback pictures I might be going more for framing than anything else.


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