An Hour Before Daylight

Photo of the Day

Today I thought that I would post another older shot from 2006. This was taken on the same trip as yesterday’s picture. I have always enjoyed seeing the past of some of our former President’s. On my way to Florida I stopped by the hometown of our 39th President Mr. Jimmy Carter. I had just finished reading his book ‘An Hour Before Daylight’ about this very farm so it was very cool to walk around it. As you may have been able to tell by reading this blog I really like barns. A barn on a historical site is even better in my estimation. I am always impressed with how men from such humble beginnings find themselves as the most powerful man on the Earth at some point. History is full of great stories like this. It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle that you are on to make the great story either.

Technical Data

This is a shot that I thought could use some help with a preset. The sky was empty so I thought that it just was not that interesting. I used one of Trey’s Lightroom Presets to see what it could do for it. I tried a few out, but I thought that one called ‘The Navigator’ really suited the image just fine. After applying the preset I left the image alone content with what it did for me. I might use this again on some more of my older work. I had just bought my camera at the time so I was not really sure about what I was doing. I was in auto mode, and some shots worked that way while others did not. I am glad that I can use a preset like this to make my images look a little better so that they can be displayed as well.

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