Day 359: Art Imitates Life

Photo of the Day

Today I took the day off of work to spend the day with family. We had just eaten at the Lafayette Brewing Company when I noticed an artist getting a great view of downtown Lafayette. I did not have my camera, but quickly went back to the car to get it. As usual I am not too keen on taking pictures of people. I asked first if I could, and ran into a small roadblock. The artist did not want her artwork in a picture at first because she is a professional she said. I have seen many photographers that take this to the extreme as well. They watermark their pictures, and upload a poor quality to prevent theft. I really don’t worry about that too much. In the first place who would want to steal some of this? Secondly I think that seeing my work here without the distraction of a watermark would be good for me. Some creative watermarks look cool, but the watermark across the whole image just distracts me. On my about page I describe how my pictures are protected by Creative Commons Non Commercial. That means that you can use my picture as your background, and I am okay with that. If you want to post my image on your blog just link back to here and give me credit. This world is about sharing so why make it harder to share with people. If people want to steal my image, than no watermark will stop that. With the new content aware options removing a watermark is easy. I just wish that people would be more open. Getting back to the artist. I asked for info that I could link to so that I could help her sell her art. She wanted to hold that back as well. If you truly want to sell your art why make it hard to buy? I actually was interested in this piece, but I may never see it again.

Technical Data

I took a few liberties with this shot as well. I didn’t like my angle so I tried to add a few things in Lightroom to make up for that. I upped the highlights, and added some clarity which is always a start for me now. I might turn it down a bit on occasion, but I always start with these two sliders. I then cropped in a little, and added a slight vignette. I wish that I had a car removal tool to get rid of the construction truck in the frame, but I don’t have software that powerful yet.

Kelby Worldwide Photowalk

Here is that part of the post where I talk about the photowalk that I am leading on campus after the Wisconsin game in October. The date is October 13th to be exact, and the walk will start at 4 o’clock est at the Neil Armstrong Statue in front of the Armstrong Hall of Engineering. Over  1,100 photowalks are planned around the world. If you are not near West Lafayette then you kind find a walk near you on the Kelby site. Sign up now to be part of this event. Over 22,000 walkers have already signed up so far. You don’t have to be a pro (I am far from it) to attend. Any kind of camera is welcome as well. Here are a few links to the various sites which promote the event. If you want to sign up you should do so on the Kelby site in order to be eligible for the prizes though.

Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk ( Official Purdue Site)

Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk (Purdue Facebook Page)

Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk (Purdue Google+ Page)

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